Drone Video in Essex

Whether you’re looking to capture a wedding from above, inspect a roof or create promotional material for your business.

Look at things from a

different perspective.

Stunning imagery at dizzying heights.

Rise Pictures supply high quality aerial video solutions in Essex. Whether you’re looking footage of a prestigious home you’d like to put up for sale, or shots of a community event you want to add to your social channels – Rise Pictures can help.

Video is captured in stunning 4K resolution, using a gimbal-mounted motion stabilising 12 megapixel camera, producing pin-sharp imagery with ease.

Aerial video in Essex was originally only possible with the time, planning and cost of introducing an aircraft like a helicopter – but thanks to advancement in technology over the years, we’re now able to capture perfect images with our feet firmly on the ground.

Which Businesses Use Essex Drone Photographer?

If you’re hoping to create stunning visuals for marketing purposes, indoor or outdoor drone photography in Essex can help. We help sports clubs, golf courses, wedding venues and construction companies to create high-quality aerial imagery to present your brand and messaging in interesting and professional ways.

Which Drone Video Services Do You Offer?

We provide both Drone Photography & Drone Video services in Essex and the surrounding areas, working on exciting projects such as drone wedding videography, aerial landscape video, roof surveys and promotional material creation for building companies.

How Much Is A Drone Photographer in Essex?

We assess and quote each project on an individual basis, however, to give you an idea of how much our Drone Video Services in Essex might cost, we’ve put together a typical price list.

Service Cost
Unedited Footage Of A Property Or Location from £200
Aerial Building Survey / Roof Inspection £180
Aerial Images / Footage Of An Outdoor Event £160 / Half Day, £300 / Full Day
Professionally Edited Aerial Promotional Video from £350

Are You Insured For Drone Video in Essex?

Absolutely! We hold a £1,000,000 public liability insurance on every project we complete commercially in Essex, so you can rest easy with the knowledge that should an issue arise – everything is covered.

Are There Any Restrictions To Flying A Drone in Essex

We operate a DJI Mini 2 for drone videography in Essex, which is under the weight threshold (less than 250g) for many prohibitive rules and regulations. We always operate safely, respecting an appropriate distance from civilians, as well as maintaining a visual line of sight to the drone.

We’re unable to pilot the drone in adverse weather conditions, like rain or winds greater than around 15mph. We keep a close watch on the forecast for upcoming bookings, and will speak directly with clients where the weather does prevent us from flying – to either reschedule a suitable date or refund a deposit where postponing isn’t an option.

Want To Know More?

We thrive on helping local companies in Essex with their aerial videography needs, so reach out to us via email, phone or socials and we’ll show you how we might be able to help.

Lewis Hill

Lewis Hill

Essex Based Drone Pilot

After having fun with creative photography for over 15 years, and pairing it with other areas of my work, like graphic design and web development, I'm thrilled to be able to offer a new aerial service.